Final result: The Suns survive jazz and win 106-95

Final result: The Suns survive jazz and win 106-95

Your health, Suns fans! The longest year ever comes to an end in two hours, and Phoenix Suns He finished it off with a roller coaster ride that reflected the year I played.

Phoenix played one-on-one game against Utah Jazz Thursday evening. It was the first time this season that Suns played in front of a live audience as fans are allowed at the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City.

Defense was the name of the game as they held an opponent under 100 points for the second game in a row, beating Jazz 106-95.

The Suns‘ record in the 2020 calendar year, January 1 to December 31, was 25-20.

Game flow

The game started in real 2020 style: Delay due to broken backboard cable. As if we didn’t wait long enough for basketball this year.

After a night in which she felt the sun could not miss against the pelicans, it was a choppy start in Salt Lake.

Eton found himself in trouble early on, getting two people in the first. Dario Saric and Frank Kaminski, who had not played in their two pre-season matches against Utah, proved their worth in Eton’s absence. Their stamina, recoil and changing shots on the inside nullified the inner attack that Utah had attempted to deploy.

Even though Booker had a tough start 0-4, he was starting to tap into the talent we were used to late in the start when he was blown up by Jordan Clarkson in a slam dunk.

It’s great to see a poker attack the basket. Devin has had a poker-unlike start of the season, averaging just 19 points per game so far this season, 30.8% of depth. Granted, Suns didn’t need his 27-point lead. Team football won for the Suns and the defensive attention Poker received benefited the Suns shooters. The Suns went 17-33 from behind the 3-point streak.

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He was followed by a right-sided signature running hat.

The sun has receded by 1 at the end of the first, 22-21.

Phoenix stepped up his defense in the second as they jazzed up, jumped lanes, and cut off the drive. It’s really great to experience a team that is constantly active on the defensive side. Sun length and commitment to this side of the Earth means running out, quick breaks, and easy baskets.

Jevon Carter, Cameron Payne and of course Michael Bridges lead the team in minutes „We’re going to make you work for every acquisition.“

Similar to the game against the Pelicans, the Suns used the second quarter to create a lead. By the end of the first half, the Suns had risen 13 times, beating Utah 14 in the second quarter. The Sun hit 47.7% from field and 7-18 from depths.

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Cameron Payne’s efforts. One game is Zion, then Gulbert:

His ability to finish the rim quickly, along with the unique angles and degree of difficulty in which to shoot, is something we haven’t seen since Leandro Barbosa was a member of the Suns.

Utah started third on Round 11-2, plugging the gap and making it a match again.

Eton continued to be a mystery to the Sun. 4 points ?! He found himself several times under the basket with the ball in his hands. The defense was collapsing around him. Instead of taking the ball hard and pressing the opponent, and maybe even collecting a far-fetched foul, pass the ball. However, his defense is still impressive. His style bodes well for deterring shots.

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We will continue to try to solve the puzzle that is well Deandre Ayton until 2021.

Three times in a row by Mikal Bridges pushed the lead to 9.5 and narrowed Utah to 5, Mikal 3-ball. The smoothness of his shot and the confidence in it became dangerous.

Fatal as a pass does Dario look? Probably.

The Sun’s defense confused Utah in the late stages of the third stage, again causing the attack. In the period that felt upset at times, in which the Suns lost 30 points, they scored 30 and came fourth ahead of 13, 83-70.

Bridges are always charged with the opposition with a stronger offensive force. For Utah, that’s Donovan Mitchell’s all-star goalkeeper. The sheriff was running the asylum tonight, watching Mitchell. He finished with a score of 23. Every point was won. Every possession was challenged.

The phoenix swelled to 19 in the fourth, but Utah kept grinding, and didn’t let the Suns feel comfortable until the very end. Devin Booker had some late turns that led to the Jazz three and the score was reduced to 5 with less than 2 minutes remaining.

However, two successive Book of the Book won victory.


The Suns fly to Denver tonight and they’ll encounter the Nuggets tomorrow at 7:00 PM. Nikola Gokic and Murray’s Beauty Denver Nuggets Will rest after losing 10 points to Sacramento Kings last Tuesday. Enter the game with 1 to 3 records.

Joy until the end of 2020. Ironically, a turbulent year is the year the sun sets the ship. We will take with us many memories from 2020 as their teams were countless. The sun is the bright side. from the sun. Zing.

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Happy New Year, Suns Lovers.

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