Sacramento Mayor Steinberg denounces the NYE Grand Gala held at Granite Bay Palace – CBS Sacramento

Sacramento Mayor Steinberg denounces the NYE Grand Gala held at Granite Bay Palace - CBS Sacramento

Granite Bay (CBS13) – Nearly 100 people were present at a New Year’s Eve party at Granite Bay despite the ongoing territorial demand to stay home, a spokesperson for the Placer County Police Office confirmed Sunday.

Spokeswoman Angela Muslim said lawmakers responded to a complaint about the noise at a mansion in the court of Vista de Lago in the walled area of ​​Los Lagos near Lake Folsom Thursday night. Muslim said that no complaints had been issued and that the deputies left as soon as the vote was rejected.

Videos circulating on social media show that the number of people attending the ceremony could be much higher.

„The more these kinds of events happen, that means we need to stay in lockdown for a longer time to try to limit the transmission,“ said Dr. Dean Bloomberg. „These kinds of events are harmful to people’s health and harmful to the economy.“

Placer County is in the Greater Sacramento District, which remains under a provincial stay-at-home order due to a district-level drop in ICU capacity as coronavirus cases continue to rise.

The district went through the request three weeks ago as the ICU capacity dropped to less than 15%, and the request was supposed to be in effect for three weeks if that number improved. However, expectations on Saturday prompted officials to keep order in place for now as an increase is expected due to the holiday.

Dr. Bloomberg, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California, Davis, thinks the implications of the celebration could have a far-reaching impact.

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Bloomberg said, „If there are more than 100 people, we know the transmission rate is relatively high, and we know that at least five or ten of them were able to transmit.“

“People need to start making better choices,” said Rhonda Williams, a resident of Placer County.

On Monday, Sacramento Mayor Daryl Steinberg took to Twitter to criticize the party.

“If you’re wondering why the stay-at-home order continues and our ICUs remain under pressure, look no further than the party that about 100 people attended at Granite Bay on New Year’s Eve, an event that demonstrated a flagrant disregard for the sacrifices so much of making. Thanks to the majority. Great people who are doing the right thing to keep each other safe. „

Zain Salmi, a Sacramento-based social media influencer, apologized on Monday for going to the party after he was seen in videos online.

Despite the state’s order to stay at home, some people choose to gather for the New Year. So what kind of increase could we see in the coming weeks? CBS13 gets answers.

The state saw an increase in cases and deaths just two weeks after Thanksgiving. Based on projection models prepared by the University of Washington, we can see a 19% increase in cases and nearly 24% increase in deaths by Jan.14.

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“Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers are three times higher than they are now because people don’t want to take it seriously enough, I think,” said Joy Monteiro.

Placer County Public Health now advises people who have gone to the party or gathered for New Year’s Eve to get tested and stay home.

“It’s unfortunate because it will affect so many people, but it is what it is and we cannot change what happened,” said Williams.

Dr Rob Oldham, Placer County Interim Health Officer, issued the following statement about the event:

“Public Health has been informed of this event. With this and any other gatherings that may have occurred during the holidays, we encourage participants to take the test and stay home from others as much as possible.

If an individual who has attended a large gathering tests positive and is considered contagious during the time frame, then contact tracing will attempt to identify a list of close contacts, and notification will occur. Contact tracing is more difficult if contacts are spread geographically, and can also be hindered by a willingness to participate along with a high level of community mobility. ”

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