Should Meghan’s public humiliation be solved privately? Royal sources certainly hope so.

Should Meghan's public humiliation be solved privately?  Royal sources certainly hope so.

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It’s been nearly a year since Megxit has rocked the British royal family, a move that October 2019 news might have predicted that Meghan Markle has sued Associated Newspapers, the UK publisher of the Daily Mail and The Mail. The lawsuit alleged a breach of privacy – including copyright infringement, misuse of private information, and a breach of data protection law – following the contents of the letters from the Duchess to her estranged father, Thomas Markle The tabloids were published without permission, amid what Prince Harry described as a „brutal crackdown“ against his wife.

In the months that followed, “the case took a series of exciting turns,” according to Sunday times, As Markle’s attorneys are now scheduled to discuss an expedited ruling, which, if accepted, will effectively end the lawsuit before he goes to trial. For the Royal Family Foundation, as well as for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex themselves.

„The trial will be a shock to Meghan and Harry, and the minors‘ operations will be exposed, and the crew members will be dragged to her on witness stands,“ the source told the newspaper.

The Times notes that the trial could also entail a controversial courtroom reunion between Markle and her father, whom The Times previously cited (and somewhat threateningly) saying, „I’m going to see Megan in court.“ If so, it could also mean the first face-to-face meeting between Harry and his father-in-law Famous withdrew from attending the couple’s 2018 weddings at the last minute after badly joining the paparazzi.

Another character in this legal drama – not to be confused with Markle’s previous TV series, suitOne of the royals‘ most trusted lawyers, Gerard Terrell. By giving more information about the events leading up to the megast, The Times reported:

Understandably, Terrell had joined several senior Sussex aides in advising against Megan’s lawsuit, but the couple have turned to Shillings, a company known for its aggressive tactics on behalf of celebrity clients who are disaffected by the media.

Before Harry and Meghan pull the trigger, we wanted to guide them as to what it would look like if it all went on. [to trial] Let’s face it, a royal source said.

But the advice has fallen on deaf ears; The Sussex family continued to leave royal life in the United Kingdom in favor of a „new progressive role“ in America.

This new progressive role included a number of audiences Increasingly personal appearances, And cementing the exit of the spouses from the protocol of the senior royals. After inking Million Dollar Development Deal With Netflix And the Settling into a new compound in Montecito, California. With son Archie, last week, The couple launched their new podcast on Spotify. A decision on Markle’s case is expected this month.

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