The new Google FCC device, possibly the Nest Hub with Soli

The new Google FCC device, possibly the Nest Hub with Soli

Made by Google ushers in the new year with new hardware passing through the FCC. This coil suggests the new smart Nest Hub offering.

A4R-GUIK2 Classified as an „interactive device“, Google previously used the term „interactive“ for smart screens and speakers. For example:

  • Nest Hub (H1A): Google Interactive
  • Nest Hub Max (H2A): An interactive video streaming device
  • Nest Mini (H2C(): An interactive media streaming device
  • Nest Wifi: (H2D / H2E): An interactive internet streaming device
  • Nest Audio (GZRNL(): An interactive media streaming device

GUIK2 features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Zigbee, which is a wireless connection protocol for smart home devices.

Meanwhile, this device uses the FCC electronic sticker, which confirms that it has a screen. Instructions reported to the FCC are as follows:

You can find regulatory information, certificates, and signs of compliance with the following steps from the main screen: System Settings> Regulatory Labels.

On Hub and Hub Max today, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to tap the gear icon for the System Settings menu. Scrolling down will display the ‚Organizational Categories‘ page.

By taking these three known aspects together, GUIK2 is likely a smart screen. The Nest Hub Max Released in September 2019 as a $ 229 Google Home Display, the Home / Nest Hub is now over 2 years old. It launched in October 2018 and is now only $ 89.99 (from $ 149) and is due to be updated.

Meanwhile, there appears to be a Soleil at 58-63.5GHz. Frequency range on New Nest Thermostat It is 61-61.5GHz, while Pixel 4 is 58-63.5GHz. The similar range of the 2019 Google smartphone indicates more subtle gestures from the thermostat, as it has just been used To turn on the screen As you walk.

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This new device can support precise control using radar technology. Hub Max allows you to turn on / off media by raising your palm in front of the front camera. One can imagine this new Nest Hub that supports similar air gestures to skip / rewind tracks.

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