49ers News: The Niners have until December 31 to decide if Ruby Gold will be in the squad next year

49ers News: The Niners have until December 31 to decide if Ruby Gold will be in the squad next year

The San Francisco 49ers You have a looming decision about Ruby Gold and his future with the franchise. By December 31, the 49 must decide whether they want to collect half of Gold’s base salary of $ 4.5 million. The 38-year-old had taken 31 straight kicks from 50 yards before Saturday’s clash against Arizona.

Gould missed field goals from 41 and 37 yards, as well as an extra point. The Cardinal had a chance to tie in the final round due to Gould losing those three kicks. Gould missed an extra point and two field goals, coming into the game, both of which came in over 50 yards.

Kyle Shanahan spoke of Gould after Saturday’s win:

„You have to look at the body of work with Ruby, and Ruby has been awesome since he’s been here for us. It’s been a great year this year. Yes, it’s been tough in those situations, and Ruby will be more ruthless than anyone else, but no. He played so much football in his career, and he played football so much that we never let a single match define him. „

This does not look like a coach will allow poor performances in a meaningless match to get in the way of decision making. Historically, Gould is one of the three most accurate forwards in the NFL. I doubt this game will be enough to change the opinion of the decision makers in the category of 49.

With that in mind, his age and salary are two factors. If the 49 players pick the $ 2.25 million Gould option this next week, it will be on the list for at least another season. Is it worth paying an extra $ 2 million for Gold? I will count yes due to stability. We’ve seen how a bad leader can turn the game around. The argument would be that a replacement player would hypothetically give you a similar performance as you miss a few kicks per season for roughly $ 3 million.

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These are all the decisions San Francisco has to take into account. Save two million here and there can be a difference in signing up to a big name free proxy or returning one of 40 unrestricted free proxies. Judging by Shanahan’s comments, Gold will return to the Gulf region next season.

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