The Packers played „physical football“ in their biggest win of the season so far

The Packers played "physical football" in their biggest win of the season so far

Rallying, energy, and cheering for each other all play into a physical defense brand that gives Packers a new standard as season stakes increase.

As for attacking, the level was pretty high for most of the season, but there is another option in the running game that is at least interesting.

Rookie AJ ​​Dillon introduced himself to the NFL world with a 21-load, 124-yard, double TD performance with Jamal Williams being sidelined by a four-way injury. The 247-pound draft towel looked like a boy to run around in the snow this December in Lambeau Field.

Meanwhile, Aaron Jones went over 1,000 flowing yards for the second straight season – the first Packers returned to do so since Eddie Lacey in 2013-14 – and Williams‘ injury is not expected to be long-term.

There is only one soccer ball to turn over at a time, but for now, LaFleur appreciates only the plug-and-play aspect that takes root with the ground game. While some full-backs may manage some games more effectively, there is no change to the sentence scheme as the ball bearers enter and exit.

„Just having confidence in the ability not to worry about who’s going to be there at full back, that’s a big time,“ LaFleur said. „To be able to get someone out there you can bring up and not change your thoughts … You can only attack. It is a great luxury to have.“

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