Kanye West releases new Christmas EP album „Emmanuel“ – Deadline

Kanye West releases new Christmas EP album "Emmanuel" - Deadline

As is his habit, Kanye West Again record a surprise on Christmas Day. My book and direction is produced by West, Fifth Track Emmanuel It is „new music inspired by antiquity and Latin“. Performed by the West Sunday Service choir, Emmanuel It definitely has a choral character. As with last winter Jesus was born, The launch is said to be a „celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.“

Jesus was born She debuted at # 2 on the Billboard Best Gospel Albums chart, and also appeared on the Sunday Service Group. The previous one, Jesus is the king, It debuted in October 2019.

West’s Sunday Service events kicked off in early 2019 when West began hosting near-regular Sunday gatherings featuring music. Coachella’s first public performance of Sunday service occurred on Easter Sunday, 2019.

Emmanuel It means „God is with us.“ It is a name given to Jesus in Isaiah 7:14So the Lord himself gives you a sign. Behold, a virgin who becomes pregnant in the womb and gives birth to a son and calls his name Emmanuel …

A 12-minute EP is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Its five tracks are:

1. Comfort

2. Hey Mira Knox

3. Magnum


5. Gloria

See below for the Sunday Service video from the official Coachella account.

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